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The Right Foot

We had a wonderful Christmas celebration, and New Years rolled through remarkably smooth this year. Last year we saw a year’s worth of snow overnight and it left my husband with a sore back for a week. We were so surprised that this year was more or less reserved in the amount of snow that feel, maybe we’ll get by without… Hum, better not to jinx it.

Hopefully your holidays were equally rewarding.


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Elegance In Perspective

It is the first of the year and what better time to put things into perspective than today. I didn’t spend a lot of time partying, those days are long gone, and I have no intention to start them up any time soon. While I wasn’t the biggest party girl, I did spend plenty of nights just tagging along. It was an attempt to fit in during college and then it was to tend to friendships that ultimately drifted apart.

During those days we weren’t obsessed with elegance. And today while they tend to throw the word around like cheap confetti I am not sure they know what it means. Let’s look at that before we go on. This is the part of me that, while was present at the “party” was never quite a home their. This is the analytical Judith. And this is where I am really at home.



a. Refinement, grace, and beauty in movement, appearance, or manners.
b. Tasteful opulence in form, decoration, or presentation.
a. Restraint and grace of style.
b. Scientific exactness and precision.
3. Something elegant.

My Perspective On Baby Showers

My husband and I are a little less than ten years apart, he being the older of this. He was the youngest of three children. My sister-in-law’s daughter is going to have her second child in a couple of months while our children haven’t even come to the idea of dating yet. This is an interesting perspective for me because as much as I hate to say it, my niece has become what some would label a bit of a momzilla, to put it lightly, though I am not even sure that is a real phrase.

While I do understand that a pregnancy is a “big thing” and that “everything needs to be perfect,” you can however take it too far. My niece’s catchphrase is elegance. Everything needs to be elegant. There was a small and quirky first baby shower that cost more than our wedding. And there will be an exquisite birth announcement in a week to make everything official.

The baby shower, while a little over a month away is something that, as Aunt Judith I cannot avoid. It is not only something that feels over done, you guessed it, it will be this elegant baby shower, one like the world has never seen.

If you have had the opportunity to be involved with a glamor crazed mommy you will understand that most of them think that they invented the pregnancy, or at the very least have made it their life’s work. Though when I was growing up there was only one baby shower and it wasn’t directed by the pregnant mother.

I have heard from her mother that the baby shower will be held in an upscale restaurant downtown, and while I am all for a nice meal at a nice restaurant this seems like a venue better suited for something besides a baby shower.

And here is why.

Usually when you invite people to a baby shower, or invite them out at all, the cost of the food, drinks, and other entertainment falls on your shoulders. This isn’t just a matter of good manners, it is a question of common sense, and this seems to have been lost on my niece. When I got the very elegant yet puzzling invitation to the gender reveal which stated that the cost of food and the drinks would be covered by the guest. That is when you get your over prices plate you will be expected to pay. This just seems a tad bit outlandish.

First, this isn’t the first baby shower. Second it isn’t really a baby shower. And third if you expect people to pay for a gift – and don’t get me started with the gift registry – then the cost of the food is yours to bare.

My husband thinks I should just call and turn down the invitation. But I am a little bit on the fence.

We shall see what my next move is, I would rather give her something practical, skip the baby shower all together, and spend the money that I would pay on my family.

If you look back to the definition of elegance, which goes beyond how things look, you will agree that there is much to learn about how she handles things. Maybe it is just the hormones from being pregnant?

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Dinotopia Rediscovered

Oh, what I would have given to read Dinotopia when it was first released. Wait I did.

Maybe that is what the kids are saying? Mine are. We recently rediscovered this classic and it ended up a part of family movie night. When the books were first released I was technically “too old” to enjoy them, but it didn’t stop me. Growing up dinosaurs were a huge fascination. And since their existence and demise comes from an aspect of space science that I love it was only understandable.

The Disney/Hallmark co-production still resonated with them and that is what matters.

Now my child have discovered it and they couldn’t be more enthralled.

A Little History

Dinotopia is a fictional utopian place created by writer and Illustrator James Gurney, scene of a series of books that share that name. It’s an unknown world-Island, inhabited by humans and dinosaurs speakers who have learned to coexist peacefully as a symbiotic partnership.

Since the publication of the original book “Dinotopia: a land out of time”, more than twenty books about Dinotopia (including three of the own Gurney) were written by several authors to expand the series. In addition, several video games and a miniseries, a television series, a film have been released. James Gurney published a fourth Dinotopia book in October 2007.

The Name

Dinotopia is a conjunction between “tell us” and “topos”. Ironically, dinotopia Greek it means “terrible place”, because dinosaur means “terrible lizard” (dino-saurus) while polka dots means “place” (translated from the Greek).

The Hidden Island

Dinotopia, humans and dinosaurs live and work in harmony with each other and with the earth itself (except for the few predators that roam the interior forest). It is a beautiful and wonderful place, isolated from the rest of the world. The island itself is surrounded by a system of storms and dangerous reefs that prevent safe travel to or from it. Apart from having a very diverse ecosystem ranging from deserts and mountains snow-covered swamps and canyons, also has an extensive system of natural caves and man-made.

The dinosaurs, according to their legends, have inhabited the island for millions of years, seeking refuge during the climate changes that caused its extinction elsewhere on the planet.

On the other hand, the human population consists of shipwrecked travelers or dolphinbacks (delfin-espaldas, called so because they are usually rescued and brought to shore by dolphins) and the descendants of such persons.

Both halves of the society share responsibility equally and live under a common code of laws called the code of Dinotopia. This society is very communal, lack of a monetary system or even a concrete sense of possession. Individuals are educated from youth to be compassionate, co-operative, and generally conscious of the needs of others. For example, the food is free on the island, but the citizens take only what they need and leave the rest for others.

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The Orionids are a rain of meteors of activity moderate. Its activity is extended between October 2 and November 7. The maximum occurs on 21 October with THZ 23. Are meteors of speed high that radiate from the constellation of Orion. Its decline (+ 16 °) next to the Ecuador celestial allows your observation from throughout the globe. The meteors are yellow green, formed by large particles that generate persistent strokes. The Orionids parent body is Comet 1 p/Halley. One of those comets more known, whose last step took place in 1986. This periodic comet gives rise to another meteor shower of moderate activity, the Eta Aquarids, which take place every year in the month of May.

Orionids 2006

The night of the 20 of October 21, 2006 land found a cloud of particles from the Comet Halley’s a density higher than usual. Corresponds with stelae very old, in concrete of which let the kite in those years 1266 AC, 1198 AC and 911 AC. From its usual rate of 20-25, the IMO has collected observations of various parts of the globe and has calculated a THZ of 50.
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Introduction to space environment

The space environment is a branch of Astronautics, aerospace engineering and space physics that treats of understanding and addressing the conditions in space that affect the operation of spaceships. A related topic – space weather – focuses on dynamic processes in the solar-terrestrial system that may result in effects on spacecraft, but can also affect the atmosphere, the ionosphere and the Earth’s magnetic field, giving rise to several other types of effects on the human technologies.

Problems for spaceships may arise from radiation, space debris, the friction of the upper atmosphere and the electrostatic charge of the spaceship.

Radiation in space, usually comes from three main sources: belts of radiation from Van Allen, the solar energetic particles and solar Proton events, and galactic cosmic rays. For the missions of long duration, high doses of radiation can damage electronic components and solar cells. A major concern is also induced by radiation, “effects of a single event”, as the single event upset. Manned missions usually avoid radiation belts and the international space station is at an altitude well below the most severe regions of radiation belts. During solar energy events, particles can be accelerated to very high energies and can reach the Earth in times as short as 30 minutes. These particles are mostly protons and heavy ions which can cause damage by radiation, disruption of logical circuits and even hazards to astronauts. To return to the Moon or travel to Mars manned missions will have to face the main problems presented by the events of solar particles for radiation safety, as well as the important contribution to dose from cosmic rays of low level background. In near-Earth orbits, Earth’s magnetic field shielding to spacecraft against a large part of these risks – a process called geomagnetic shielding.

The acquisition of the spacecraft electrostatic charging is caused by the environment of hot plasma that surrounds the Earth. Plasma that is located in the region of geostationary orbit becomes hot during the magnetic “subtormentas” caused by disturbances in the solar wind. “Hot” electrons accumulate on surfaces of spacecraft and you can establish electrostatic potentials of the order of kilovolts. As a result, discharges can occur and they are known to be the source of many of the anomalies of the spaceships.

Solutions devised by scientists and engineers include, but are not limited, to shield the spacecraft, special “hardening” of electronic systems and different systems of detection of collisions. Evaluation of effects during spacecraft design includes the implementation of several “models” environment, including radiation belt models, ship space-plasma interaction models and atmospheric models to predict the effects of braking that you will find in low orbits and during re-entry.

The field often overlaps with the disciplines of Astrophysics, Aerology, space physics, and Geophysics, but usually with an emphasis on application.

The Government of the United States maintains a center of space weather forecast in Boulder, Colorado. The SWPC is part of the “Administration National Oceanic and atmospheric”. The SWPC is one of the national centers for environmental prediction from the national weather service.

The effects of the climate of the Earth space may include temporary decline, ionospheric storms of ozone density, disruption of radio communications, GPS and underwater positioning signals. Some scientists also theorize links between sunspot activity and glaciation.